What You Should Know About MMA

When it comes to mixed martial arts, there are many styles and quite a few popular organizations/leagues that put on fights. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of them. With that said, here is some great info about the different types of mixed martial arts, popular MMA leagues. Pioneer MMA fighters and who the greatest MMA fighters of all time are.

Popular Types Of Mixed Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ for short, is a sport with origins in Brazil. Fighters learn various techniques such as choke holds, eye gouging, grappling and joint locks to name a few.

Boxing is used in professional MMA fights. Traditional boxing involves no kicking and only punches. Fighters are taught different striking techniques and defense techniques, such as blocking, bobbing & weaving and dodging punches.

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat and today it is used in mixed martial arts. Wrestlers are taught how to grapple and submit opponents. Many wrestlers do very well in MMA fights, when the fights are taken to the ground.

Muay Thai comes out of Thailand and it involves using elbows, kicks, punches, and knees to form an attack. It is also one of the foundations of MMA fighting because it consists of boxing punches, as well as incorporates elbows and knees.

There is Taekwondo too, which combines attack and self-defense moves. It focuses on quick hand movements and high kicks.

To sum up the above, the most popular types of MMA are:

  • BJJ
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Muay Thai
  • Taekwondo

*Note: Other forms of martial arts include karate, Krav Maga, and Aikido.

Equipment Used In MMA
Gloves are without the doubt the most important equipment used in professional MMA. For sparring, 8-ounce gloves are usually used, while 4-ounce gloves are used in professional fights.

A mouthguard is also important. It protects the inside of your mouth, such as your teeth, from becoming severely damaged during a fight. If a mouth guard is used in a professional fight, then it has to meet regulation standards. Mouthguards are available in various sizes and styles. This piece of equipment should be able to withstand damage and it should be made with durable material.

Headgear is usually worn during sparring and training. In the UFC and other professional MMA leagues, helmets are not worn during fights. Headgear is used to protect the head from severe damage that may be long-lasting.

In short, some of the main pieces of equipment used in MMA fights are:

  • Gloves
  • Mouthguard
  • Headgear

Also, different types of equipment are used for different types of training. For example, a wrestler will use wrestling equipment to train, while someone who trains in mainly boxing will use boxing equipment. However, in a professional MMA fight, fighters will tend to train with all types of equipment. The equipment they use is based on who their opponent is and what their strong points are.

Popular MMA Leagues & Former Leagues
The UFC, short for Ultimate Championship, is the most popular MMA organization. It is known around the world, has the best fighters around and they put on shows all around America, Brazil and many other places around the world.

Another popular MMA organization is Bellator. It was founded back in 2008 and since then it has grown into a popular organization. Many former UFC fighters head over to Bellator to test their skills and to continue their fighting careers.

As of now, Bellator and UFC are the most well-known MMA organizations. Former organizations that were popular include Pride FC, World Extreme Cage Fighting, and Strikeforce.

As mentioned above, the most popular and a few former organizations are:

  • The UFC
  • Bellator
  • Pride FC
  • World Extreme Cage Fighting
  • Strikeforce

UFC Pioneers
The UFC hasn’t always been as big as it is today. Many pioneers have played a role in making the UFC the powerhouse it is today. These pioneers include Ken Shamrock, Vitor Belfort, Dan Severn and BJ Penn. Other pioneers include Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, and Kazushi Sakuraba to name a few. All of these fighters played a huge role in making the UFC a household name.

Greatest MMA Fighters
There are many MMA fighters, but some of the greatest ones are Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre. Other greats include Jose Aldo, Daniel Cormier, and Nate Diaz. Robbie Lawler, Ronda Rousey, and Conor McGregor are other noteworthy fighters who are considered to be among the best.

Keep in mind those are only a few of the greatest MMA fighters. Many of those fighters still fight on a regular basis.

Learning MMA, watching MMA fighters and watching UFC and other organizations put on a show is an experience you will love. Now you know more about mixed martial arts, as well as some of the greatest MMA fighters ever.

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